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Official magazine of the Biological Sciences Society
National University of Singapore
The Mudskipper, Jul 87

Dear Readers,

The magazine is meant to be a medium through which staff and students can share their thoughts and express themselves. Hence, articles from our lecturers may not invariably be based on their current research topic. This is particularly evident in the way three of our young lecturers independently came up with advice on attitudes and studying habits - apparently based on their observations during the past year. So there's lots to help you out with as you start afresh this new academic year!

Editing in this magazine is not synonymous with 'snip-snip' tactics. Neither do we rewrite the articles before printing them. The idea is to encourage the contribution of articles and not to raise the hackles of writers! Usually, only minor adjustments are made to ensure readability. However, if expression is hazy and major changes have to be made, we go back to the writer and work things out together. The only restriction we exercise is on all things political or religious. We cannot entertain discussion on these particular topic here. So apart from these taboo topics, feel free to come forward with your views on any field.

Perhaps some of you might be interested in working on the publication of the magazine. Just inform the president or one of the committee of your interest and they're connect you up with us. We are trying out various ideas with each issue so joining the team means learning new things. Work on the next issue will begin during the month-long holidays so you should be free to work on it. Besides, hunting for lecturers is much easier then!

When reading the magazine, you might he spurred to comment about some of the articles amongst your friends. I would be delighted if you shared these views - perhaps by writing in to the next issue. Hopefully, we could start a dialogue via the the magazine amongst staff and students. So, we look forward to your comments. Meanwhile, happy reading!

© N Sivasothi, 2001