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Official magazine of the Biological Sciences Society
National University of Singapore
The Mudskipper, Jul 88
From the President

Dear BBSers,

Greetings to all you Biologists. Hope you are eager to meet the challenge of the term ahead! You will realise that the university is the best place to explore the world of biology - for it is here that one is constantly in contact with people who are well-versed in the many fields that this science encompasses. Make full use of this opportunity for it comes but once.

We became an independent society on the 30th of March, 1971 although we had been functioning since 1967. Through all these years, we have, besides representing the interests of the students, attempted to foster closer ties between the lecturers and the students as well as to inculcate greater awareness in Biology by organising activities such as trips and hikes.

To the freshies, I must add that the best way of breaking in to campus life is to enlist the help of your seniors and lecturers. There will be many things that may seem difficult but it is never as bad as it seems. So ask your seniors for help and remember that our lecturers are a very approachable lot too.

The computer courses that were held met with such an overwhelming response that it took three weeks instead of my expected one week to handle! Many thought it irrelevant to Biology students but you will find the knowledge an indispensable tool during the latter years in Science and after that, when you and I venture into the job market.

Everyone has been talking about conservation lately since the issue received greater prominence. But it had always been considered just the headache of goverments. You and I can play a part in the effort to right this wrong of centuries simply by questioning the effects of our actions on the environment, being selective about the things we buy, and by being less wasteful with things such as paper, electricity, oil and water. I hope we, as Biology students, will do at least this for it will make a difference.

I'd like to wish all of you the best of luck this coming year on behalf of my committee and a hearty thanks to the Chief Editor and her team for producing yet another issue of the Mudskipper which I hope you will enjoy reading!

N. Sivasothi
Biological Sciences Society, '88-'89
© N Sivasothi, 2001