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The Mudskipper, Nov 88
President's Message

So some of us are bemoaning the fate of days gone by, in particular, the month-long holiday that is no more before we became accustomed to the opportunity of waking up in the middle of the afternoon. But all is not lost; there's still time to catch up with work without resorting to solitary confinement.

A sad truth to behold is that many of us are content to lead a sedentary existence. NOW is the time to experiment, to take part and experience all that campus life has to offer. Don't hold back now for you may regret your cautiousness later. Sitting down with your books and travelling home aren't things to look back on when all this is over.

One of the more rewarding things that can be done during your undergraduate days is to get out of the concrete jungle and into the forests in the region. Go beyond just swimming in a waterfall - use what you have learnt to better appreciate the flora and the fauna around you. My eyes have been opened considerably after just one and a half years in biology. I now get a tenfold increase in my enjoyment of the things around me.

When you do venture out into these places, please don't act with total disregard to the environment. Conservation may seem applicable only to large organisations and governments but each individual can make a difference. When on a camping trip, don't leave your rubbish behind. Bring out of the forest whatever you've brought in. A pile of litter strewn on the ground is an ugly sight to behold anywhere but it is a sadly common sight in many sanctuaries and parks. The cumulative effect of such acts are damaging. The little that you can do WILL make a difference.

Some of you may still be wallowing blissfully under the banner of "Computer Illiteracy". Why is this so? Don't put it off until you have graduated (or are doing your third-year or honours project). Here, you can be taught by your peers and get it for free(ah! that magic word). The benefit in being computer literate is simple: it is an excellent tool applicable for work in every field. If that doesn't sound relevant, look at it this way: better reports, graphs, resumes, phone lists, etc. The means are at hand, go for it.

Please don't sign up for things which you aren't going to attend! It is infuriating when people don't show up after virtuously assuring us they'll be present, especially in the case of limited places. If you can't go, at least inform somebody beforehand or get a replacement. I'm afraid many people suffer from a diminished sense of responsibility-it can be overcome, at times, by simply making a phone call!

The Mudskipper and other publications like the Chemiscope and the In Contact are opportunities to share your feelings or expressions with your faculty mates. SO, give it a go - the editors don't throw out articles. It is always interesting to see what our friends can come up with. And I hope you will enjoy what they have put together for us this time!

N. Sivasothi
Biological Sciences Society
© N Sivasothi, 2001