Runway cycling this Sunday, 29th August 99

From: "N. Sivasothi"
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 07:22:55 +0800


Hi all!

The cycling was fun - I met up with Mark at Buona Vista MRT station after struggling to find my bike lock key! We did a decent time (for me) back to Ang Mo Kio - about 55 mins, considering I am recovering. Mike was pacing me on his road bike and quite often he was coasting while I was struggling!

Jaswant, Min Yee and a friend, Paul, were waiting at AMK, and no one knew the way. Happily some old man wearing a SEA games t-shirt said he was also going for runway cycling ad we followed him. It made quite a nice picture, six of us in nice colours, all evenly spaced out. When I was stopped at a traffic light, the old man abandoned us!

Anyway, we met dozens of cyclists further down the road. Interestingly, my Dutch orange jersey was quite prominent, cycling fashion being rather subdued, it would seem! So it was easy for other to pick me out in the crowd of several thousand cyclists.

At the beginning, the runway was quite a sight, crowded with cyclists! Even little kids in bikes no higher than my knee were pumping for their lives. These kids are a veritable hazard since they switch 'lanes' unpredictably and can veer at 90 degrees! Theer were a lot of inline skaters too, and there were a couple of speed skaters doing very good time - they were much faster than us and I don't think I saw them again, so they must have kept it up.

The runway ride was nice - wonderful flat open space - there are few such places in Singapore; we could only think of Changi Coastal Road. It was a cool day (it would rain later) and we began cutting our way forward, and would eventually overtake several hundred cyclists while maintaining a decent pace - Mike paced us during the first lap and then took off after another racer during the second.

I nearly got crashed by a kid, whom I barely avoided after he made a 90 degree turn - that was common. We saw one other guy crash against that same old man who had abandoned us earlier that morning, but otherwise, it was a safe ride.

We vamoosed after the ride and as rain threatened, settled down outside a coffee shop and sampled the variety of wonderfully hot steaming food amidst great conversation while the rain thundered down for two hours. We finally left when it was reduced to a light drizzle, and it was wet ride back home.

I was totally knocked out that afternoon!

Gotta go to campus now...



Seow Hwa & Yit Wee: "Hey Guess what?
We overslept and missed the cycling, so how did it go?
Sorry had watched midnite show!!!"

Airani: "Sorry guys, can;t make it that early, Can I still join you somewhere in the afternoon? Or will you be too 'shagged' out already? :)"

Ye Chen - same weak 'last Sunday to sleep in' excuse

Alvin, Wan Fern - no reponse.