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Saints of 4 Science II (1982)
St. Andrew's Secondary School, Singapore

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St. Andrew's Dinner, 2002

Members of list 'saints' as of Sun, 9th November 2002 - 17 so far

Chan Mun Yee
Stephen Cheok
Samuel Chia
Chow Chee Sun
Chua Hee Teck, Peter
David Goodenough
N. Sivasothi
Colin Nah
Hayma Rajan

Jemmy Ong
Kwek Beng Siong
Shahiran Sahari
Sunny Seah
Stuart Soh
Jonathon Wong
Benjamin Yap
Yew Chee Chien

A diary is forming...

8 November 2002 - SAOBA Homecoming dinner
17 October 2002 - Sofea binte Shahiran, born to Shahiran & Amy, 6.45am, at Thomson Medical Centre.
7 October 2002 - Sunny's kid, Caleb's birthday party
June 2001 - List maintenance by Colin and everyone is off the list! Resubscription takes place slowly...
17 July 2002 - Stephanie Chia, born to Samual And Jennifer, morning, 3.36kg, Thomson Medical Centre.`
2 July 2002 - Long lost buddy Peter Chua announced to list by Samuel Chia
4 April 2002 - Nathaniel Ong, born to Jemmy and Wendy, 3.12pm at Thomson Medical Centre.
23 March 2002 - Provisional date for gathering at Ben & Bonny's.
22 February 2002 - Chien and Pauline celebrating wedding anniversary in Paris.

17 November 2001 -
Chien & Pauline are proud parents of Yew Wei Shan
14th Septenber -
SAOBA Dinner at Orchard Hotel (webpage & pics by Chow Chee Sun)l
6th July -
House warming at Chow's new place in Clementi.
Mun Yee visits from Texas.


6th January - Enlistment orders for Batang Lapan issued after an ICQ chat between Shah, Cheok & Siva.
6th - 7th March -
Operasi Batang Lapan.
3rd May - Anissa Chan born.
8th May - Batang Lapan Debrief (BBQ) at Sunny's place.
30 May - Benjamin & Bonny wed. Chien & Siva parking bouncers. Wendy gives birth to Faith (Jem's a dad).
31 May - Jonathon moves to Ghim Moh.
17 July - gathering at Jemmy's; get otroduced to baby Faith.
20 July - Hayma makes his first post to the Saints list.
?25 September - Baby Hakim born to Shah & Amy.
23 October - Guys go bowling at SICC, I cycle down to join them for Teh Alia.
6 November - Watch Rugby finals at Sunny's place.
25 October - Chien sees aftermath of a suicide.
13 November - Sam opens a daycare centre.

1st January - Jemmy's place - we send an interesting email to Chan.
4th January - Samuel & Jennifer's wedding.
Operasi Batang Enam

6th, 9th December - Shahiran & Amy's wedding.
November - Samuel uses mailing list for the first time.
November - Sunny meets Goodenough Down Under.