iView Media Pro templates

Using iView - see comments on my blog

What does iView offer
The gallery templates provided by iView Media Pro have to be tried out to be appreciated. I finally did, so take look.

Don't just look at the first page, click on a thumbnail and take a look at the different media presentation styles and the sort of information provided.

You can modify your template
You can modify them and it helps if you are artisitic of course. Se this example of VF with the date/time added and some minor functional changes.

Look up the internet
I'm obviously not artistic and all my galleries began to look similar. I wanted a unique look for the > 1,000 photos from the landmark Biodiversity of Singapore Symposium 2003.

Thankfully, I found Galerie Aqua, a lovely template by Daniel Robillard. Unfortunately my efforts to contact him to thank him failed.

If you're good, consider making templates to save my unartistic soul!

Click a folder to view gallery format.

For an example of the Vertical Forwarding template, see this album.