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*New* - Exchange settings for Entourage 2004

Using a Macintosh in campus; see also MacNUS

How much?

Yes, you can:

  • browse the web, send and receive email to non-Mac users, use ICQ, mailing lists, etc.,
  • browse library resources, use NUSNET services,
  • upload webpages, exchange documents in powerpoint, excel and word, even edit with tracking etc.,
  • exchange or download songs, movies or pictures,
  • use an antivirus software to be safe from macros viruses.

No you cannot:

  • use Microsoft Access. Well, you might be able to, albeit very slowly, with Virtual PC.
  • Webcast has a work around, see macnus

Ethernet - click for image

NUS VPN & Wireless

Register your ethernet card with comcen:

  • In OS X: Go to System Preferences --> Network; Show Built-in Ethernet, Choose TCP/IP
  • In OS8/9: Go to Control Panels -> TCP/IP; Click "Info"
  • Copy the Hardware address (6 pairs of nos.)
  • Email the User Support Helpdesk
  • They will reply you in one or two days.
  • Set the TCP/IP -> Configure using "DHCP server"
  • You can login in via any Plug and Play outlet or wireless networking area.

If comcen is unable to help you, try this newsgroup for help: nus.comp.mac or email:

  • NUS VPN - removes surfing and smtp restrictions outside of campus and allows access to restricted NUS sites. NUS Cllent and Panther settings for students available.
  • Wireless network in NUS: there are two networks, NUOPEN and NUS. See instructions on how to configure for PEAP (search for "peap")
  • NUS Visitor Portal webpage - it has been very helpful; see IT@NUS Dec 2005.

Dialup NUS - click for image

Access using other ISPs

NUS Remote Access: Instructions in detail at this site:
OS 8 and 9 - NUS DIal Up

  • Dial 6557-1070 for students (2 hour limit) & staff,
  • Dial 6657-1090 for staff only

For cable modem, broadband and other advice, see "Otterman and a Mac"

You may have your own local Internet Service Providers (e.g. SIngnet, Pacific Net and Starhub) which can perform better.

  • Most things will be fine, but you may be unable to access e-journals and reference databases. So activate NUS VPN to do this.
  • To send mail out, you must either activate NUS VPN or configure another account in your mail programme with the ISP settings and make that your default account when at home. 

Email Settings - NUS Exchange POP3/IMAP4

Email Settings - Exchange and Leonis

Your NUSNET account is an exchange account - this is what you access on a PC using Outlook. Your unique userid reflects your faculty and year of matriculation ro for staff, your department and your name.

There are two settings required by any email programme.: SMTP - to send mail out, and POP3 - to receive mail (which downloads your mail to your hardisk).

For NUSNET, the settings are:

  • SMTP: (*July 2005 - now with user authentication, so you have to add your username and passsworrd in the settings)
  • POP3:

Since your NUS account is serviced by IMAP4 servers, you have the option of leaving your mail on the server. This means you can acccess your mail from a terminal anywhere. Usually useful if you do not have an ibook or powerbook on campus. But remember, server space is limited.

  • IMAP4:


Exchange via Entourage 2004

You can access exchange directories and synchronise folders in Entourage 2004 - follow these directions



They stopped issuing this in 1998, I think, but some of us still have and use our leonis accounts. You can download your mail from leonis using these settings:

  • SMTP/POP3:

You can also use a Telnet programme to access the server and run PINE from the prompt to manage your mail.

Other tips

Browser proxy settings - Netscape

  • Select Edit: Preferences
  • In the left panel, look for "Advanced"
  • Open up the options by clicking the arrow next to it
  • Select Proxies
  • In the right panel, choose Automatic proxy configuration
  • In the URL box, type
  • Click OK.

The Singapore Macintosh community

Made in Singapore

Activated in 2003, it now hosts a webpage and mailing list. Mainly trouble shooting in this early stages; good for NUS-specific problems.

ME@N - Mac Evangelists @ Nanyang
Their origins hail from a dwindling groups of Mac users at NTU. They revived the Mac scene at NTU and have expanded beyond campus. The mailing list is the first pit stop you should pull over when your Mac is in trouble! A younger group than, their mailing list is more active and responsive. Join us!

MUGS - Macintosh User's Group Singapore
You can find the stalwarts here, people who started out on the Apple ][, alright, alright, the old fogeys. Ths list is not restricted to MUGS members, they open it to all comers. List is quite inactive these days.
A consolidation of MacSG & Mean. Very useful page with tutorials for various issues.

MacOS Page
This page by Gregory Chan, whom I met through mugs and who introduced me to mean. He is now part of the latter and now works at Apple Store SIngapore!

Apple Store Singapore
This is the place to check for Mac prices in S$!

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