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NUS VPN settings

When do I use NUS VPN?

Restricted resouces or for sending out email from home, e.g.:

  • Your email programme is configured for NUS smtp and pop,
  • You are connected to the internet at home via your ISP,
  • You find you are unable to send out mail.
  • The reasons above are old ones as there now is smtp with authentication using your NUS userid and password.
  • However, use VPN when performing sensitive tasks, e.g. internet banking or even email (passwords are sent in clear) on an unsecured wireless network (you can assume they are unsecured by default).


Built-in VPN in Panther (or Tiger); refer to images below.

The built in VPN provided in Panther (Mac OS X 10.3) works.

  1. Run Internet Connect (Applications: Internet Connect)
  2. Choose: File-> New VPN Connection [Cmd-Shift-V]
  3. Choose "PPTP"
  4. Provide a sensible configuration name
  5. Server Address: (if connecting from outside NUS)
  6. Server Address: (if connecting from inside NUS)

Staff settings/Built-in VPN in Tiger

  • For staff no joy so far with (inside) and (outside) this works: (outside and inside!); but password encryption in VPN settings must be set to "none" see my blog (Update, 01 April 2006)

Home - Otterman and a Mac

The NUS VPN client (staff and students)

You can download and run the NUS-VPN client (a standalone application) from here: NUS VPN (zip file). (always updated, so do check)

  • See instructions with images here.
  • NUS-VPN Client works fine with Jaguar (10.2.8), Panther (10.3.4) and Tiger (10.3.10).
  • You may need to uninstall the existing built-in VPN client to avoid a conflict.
  • If you want it to run everytime you startup, go to: System Preferences-> Accounts -> Your account -> Startup Items -> Add NUS VPN