Virus alerts - They aren't all hoaxes!

Happy 99 Virus (March 1999)

From: "N. Sivasothi" <>
Date: Wed, 03 Mar 1999 18:48:05 +0800
Subject: You have the Happy99 virus

Hi there,

When you emailed me, I received another email from your account with the file as "Happy99.exe" attached. I. e. You have the Happy or Ska virus. You can check if you do have a virus, by sending yourself an email. You should receive two, and the second one will contain the attachment.

As a general precaution, do not execute .exe files sent to you as attachments!!

Solution below (has been used successfully on a few systems):


Report on Ska Virus
Source: Unknown


This virus is attached to newsgroup and e-mail messages as an attachment called Happy99.exe. You cannot get infected with this virus just by reading a newsgroup or e-mail message. You have to execute the attachment. If you execute an infected attachment, it will display a firework display which looks like this:


It will create two files in the Windows System folder, SKA.EXE and SKA.DLL. SKA.EXE will be a copy of HAPPY99.EXE. It will make a backup of WSOCK32.DLL under the name of WSOCK32.SKA. Then it will modify WSOCK32.DLL so it will try to access SKA.DLL under certain circumstances. It does not modify any other file besides WSOCK32.DLL. WSOCK32.DLL is a regular part of Windows that provides a connnection to the Internet. If it is unable to modify WSOCK32.DLL, then it will add SKA.EXE to the RunOnce section of the registry and WSOCK32.DLL will be modified next time the computer starts. The modified WSOCK32.DLL will attach HAPPY99.EXE to a second copy of outgoing newsgroup and e-mail messages. This second copy will have the same subject and recipient, but it will have an empty body. This virus will keep a list of message recipients in the file LISTE.SKA in the Windows System folder.

In tests, this virus attached itself to a second copy of the e-mail message, with no problems and a barely noticeable delay. The outgoing message contains the header

X-Spanska: Yes

but this is normally not visible.

This virus does not steal passwords, as some sources have reported. It does not contain any payload other than the fireworks display. However, it could overload an e-mail server if a lot of copies get passed around. Also, since it gets passed along a lot, a different virus could attach to HAPPY99.EXE somewhere along the way. Without SKA.DLL and SKA.EXE, the modified WSOCK32.DLL cannot perform any viral action. However using a modified WSOCK32.DLL could cause problems while on the Internet. Restoring the original WSOCK32.DLL will correct these problems.

This virus does not affect Macs, DOS, Windows 3.x, OS/2, Linux or WebTV. However, someone using one of those could pass it along manually, for example by forwarding the message. There are reports that it will create SKA.EXE and SKA.DLL on Windows NT, but will fail to add itself to the registry or modify WSOCK32.DLL.

Some people have asked whether it is always called HAPPY99.EXE. This virus doesn't contain any code to change the name. However, it would be simple for a person to change it to anything they like.

It contains the encrypted text:

"Is it a virus, a worm, a trojan? MOUT-MOUT Hybrid (c) Spanska 1999."

Is it a virus, a worm, or a trojan? (Technical Discussion)



Steps marked optional are not absolutely necessary and are completely safe to skip.

1. Click Start, then Shut Down, then "Restart Computer in MS-DOS mode", then click Yes. It's important to do this so you can make the necessary changes.


2. At the DOS prompt type this exactly and press enter at the end of each line:

If your Windows folder is not called WINDOWS then substitute the name of your Windows folder instead, for example:


3. Delete SKA.EXE and SKA.DLL by typing

If you get "File not found" you're either not infected or in the wrong directory. Make sure you're in your Windows System directory; check to see if you followed step 2 exactly.


4. Copy WSOCK32.SKA to WSOCK32.DLL by typing

Answer "Yes" if it asks if you want to overwrite WSOCK32.DLL. Explanation: WSOCK32.SKA is a backup of the original WSOCK32.DLL made by the virus. You are replacing the modified DLL with the original.


5. Optional Delete WSOCK32.SKA by typing

You can leave WSOCK32.SKA on your system. It is a copy of your original WSOCK32.DLL Do not delete WSOCK32.SKA if you are unable to replace WSOCK32.DLL with WSOCK32.SKA.


6. Return to Windows by typing


7. Optional Click Start, then Run, then type regedit in the text box, then click OK.
Click HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, then Software, then Microsoft, then Windows, then CurrentVersion. Under RunOnce check for SKA.EXE and select it if it is there. Press delete and then click Yes. Close Regedit.

Don't change anything else without making a backup of the registry first. If you don't find SKA.EXE in the registry, it doesn't mean you're not infected. SKA.EXE is only added to the registry if HAPPY99.EXE is unable to modify WSOCK32.DLL when you run it. [Image]


8. Optional Choose Start, Programs, Accessories, Notepad, choose File, then Open then type C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\LISTE.SKA in the File Name box.


9. Warn the people on the list, then delete LISTE.SKA.