sivasothi: friends

Alvin & Robina - started 12 April 2003.
Airani in Toronto, Jan-Apr 2003.
Angeline Tay - updated January 2002.
Adrian Loo - a resource as well.
Koh Tieh Ling & Ng Heok Hee
- two Ecolabbers now in the US.
Geraldine Yeo - not serviced recently, too busy doing hons in 2001/2.
St. Andrew's Secondary -
4 Science II (1982).

Yik Seow Hwa - article about her exchange programme (punishment after forest walk).

Photo Galleries
Slack Singh's and Lynn are parents of Eshaan/KMY's early birthday, 30 Aug 2003
Scallywag visits,
17 July 2003
Alvin and Cynthia check out Dempsey Road,
5th February 2003
Dinner w/Siggy & gang,
5th June 2002.
Early birthday at Slack Singh's Pasir Ris flat,
1st Dec 2001.
Jimboy in Cairo -
June 2002.
Linda Goh's photos of Chek Jawa -
1st December 2001.

Alvin & Robina
ROM, Fri 29th June 2001
Endau with Nature Society (Singapore),
April 2001.
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Adrian & Jen
Adrian & Jen in London, Summer 2001.

Sharon & Marc
Wedding in Dordrecht, 27th June 2000.
Wedding in St. Francis Xavier's, Singapore, 15th July 2000.
Studio photos in Singapore,
15th July 2000.
Honeymoon in Vietnam, Jul/Aug 2000.
Attempting to communicate through