Sivasothi at St. Andrew's
12 wonderful years at the Junior School, Secondary School and Junior College. Thanks to my parents who chose the primary school, and the school and the boys did the rest.

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8 Nov 2002 -
St. Andrew's Dinner 2002
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12 years with the school

  • I was at the Junior School (Jr II): 1973 - 1978. Still remember the first day! Pri 1A - 6A.
  • Ran across the quadrangle to the secondary school: 1979 - 1982: Sec 1A, 2A, 3 Sci II and 4 Sci II.
  • Really long bus journeys to St. Andrew's Junior College: 1983 - 1984. 1S8, 2S8. Several of the 4 Sci 2 class boys came over, so it was a comfortable transition: Chan Mun Yee, Chow Chee Sun, David Goodenough, Kwek Beng Siong, Shahiran Sahari, Stuart Soh, Jonathan Wong. That begin a career of staying overnight in school grounds for me that I carried on to the university!

Maintaining the link

  • A bunch of us from the Secondary 4 Sci II class of 1982 kept in contact: Chan Mun Yee, Stephen Cheok, Samuel Chia, Peter Chua Hee Teck, Chow Chee Sun, David Roland Goodenough, Kwek Beng Siong, N. Sivasothi, Colin Nah, Jemmy Ong, Hayma Rajan, Shahiran Sahari, Sunny Seah, Stuart Soh, Jonathon Wong, Benjamin Yap, Yew Chee Chien. 17 out of about 42 of us. Of course we rediscovered people along the way, Peter Chua (June 2002) was the latest. Hmmm...20 years on in 2002 and we're still talking. Not too bad, eh? See my 4 Science II webpage. We use a private interactive webpage at for more details.
  • Joined the SAOBA whilst in the army (only $60 for life membership in those days), this must be in the mid-80's.
  • 4 Sci II (1982) formed a mailing list in the early-mid 90's.
  • Joined the SAOBA rugby team for one season, sometime in 1986. My legs were still kickin' then!
  • Gave a talk and took students from St. Andrew's Secondary (via Mrs Koh, our old biology teacher) out to the mangroves in the mid-90's with The Habitat Group. Got some of them well stuck in the mud!
  • Talked at St. Andrew's Junior College in the early 90's about research at the university. Student who arranged it ended up doing research in molecular biology! Via Mrs Chew, my old biology teacher.
  • In January 1999, I became the List Manager for the Saints "Do You Know?" list by Mr Yee Teck Peng - Benjamin's uncle. Benjamin had forwarded me one of his uncle's articles and I found it enjoyable reading and it was an aswer to finding out more about the school's history that I had wondered about since 1982. I was then a student, and Priscilla Krempl tried to help me find out more.
  • St. Andrew's Junior College led by my Biology teacher (Mrs Chew) become a regular participant of the International Coastal Cleanup Singapore in Mangroves - they got good press coverage the first year and have participated for the 4th year in 2002. In 2001 and 2002, their student leaders from the Green Club were composed partially of the first and second batch of ASEAN scholars. These students did a good job, and in 2002 actually ran a site on their own - a first for a mangrove cleanup operation! Alumni from the 1999 batch came back to help as well!
  • St. Andrew's Dinners - 14 Sept 2001 - 8 Nov 2002


Official webpages

  • St. Andrew's OBA webpage - this new version of the webpage was launched on 8th November 2002, during the SAOBA dinner. In hopefully a short time more, the SAJC Alumni will be merged with this. Hopefully soon! With links to St. Andrew's Junior School - St. Andrew's Secondary School - St. Andrew's Junior College

Links from the web

  • St. Andrew's World - I have emailed the webmaster, so let's see if it is still active!
  • St. Andrew's Webring - self appointed, it seems but cannot fault the enthusiasm. And probably more webpages these days by students!
  • Francis Thomas, late principal of St. Andrew's, WWII POW of the Japanses, survivor of Burma-Siam railway and witness of the mushroom cloud at Nagasaki, founder member of Labor party, Council member of Inter-Religous organisation and founder of Student Care Services - a history.