Otterman and a Mac

"To create a new standard, it takes something that's not just a little bit different, it takes something that's really new and really captures people's imagination, and the Macintosh, of all the machines I've ever seen, is the only one that meets that standard." - Bill Gates, c.1984. See the 6.2MB or 1.1MB QT movie.

*Highlights* - Mac Applications I use - Workflow for OS X installation
iView Media Pro Gallery templates - NUS VPN explained

Meeting MacAddicts in Singapore via ME@N (since 1999)

Photo by Ivor Khong, 14 Oct 2003.

From August 2005 - (irregular; click to see)
@Suntec City's Burger King

Me@n List

Made in Singapore
A consolidation of MacSG & Mean. Useful page with tutorials for the various campuses, interviews and software alerts. D
ormant from 2005.

Communities: ME@N - Mac Evangelists @ Nanyang
Originally Mac users at NTU who revived their scene. Now extended to one and all, including some overseas. This mailing list is my main mac hangout.

MUGS - Macintosh User's Group Singapore. Revived in 2001; the forums are active; webpage revamped in 2004. The old fogeys from Apple ][ days used to be active here.

MacRebels- Forum page revived in 2003.

iChat at MACSG. Meet us on iChat at macsg. Macrebels, MUGS, Me@n or just another macaddict, drop in an have a chat. No iMac account? Get a screen name/account from Netscape.

MacNUS - Mailing list for macintosh users in NUS. Teething as of 2003. Webpage is now up, using iBlog. Forum.

MacHammer - Redesigned in Nov 2004 

Personal pages: The Ultimate Business Machine (Bernard Teo) - Timothy Yeo - James Gallagher - John Larkin -

Apple Care Service Centre, Singapore

Applecare @ Apple Computer South Asia Pte Ltd
7 Ang Mo Kio Street 64, Singapore 569086.
Hotline: 6835-1812
Tel: 6486-6524
Fax: 6484-2609
Email: ascamk AT

Kamisah Mahmood, Customer Service Officer, AppleCare Service Centre

Opening hours (updated 1st April 2005):
Mon-Fri: 9am to 7pm
Sat: 9am to 3pm
Sun & PH: Closed

Useful Pages
Mac OS X Hints - MacSurfer - Macfixit - Tidbits - CNet Mac downloads - Version Tracker - AppleStore Singapore

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Interesting blogs
Unofficial Apple Weblog - A View from Home - MacNet Journal - mac911

So who's the Otterman?
Mac & the Internet (blog)

MacSingapore Interview
Draft (17th July 2002) and article by Justin@MacSingapore (August 2002).

Adventures of a Road Warrior

Fall from glory
2004 was such a bad year for my iBook, I asked myself, did I buy an Apple or a Lemon?

When an iBook sleeps...
Medan, September 2003. When the chips are down, how adaptable is a mac addict?

While the hour glass turns
Jakarta, October 2002. CDRW and the super 14.1" battery save the day.

From 8.6 to X
Delhi, March 2002. A newly unpacked iBook vows the crowd and owner!

Guides for Novices

Installing OS X
My OS X reinstallation sequence. Includes a list of favourite apps.

Using a Mac in NUS

Who says the mac is not supported in NUS? Otterman, updated 1st August 2004.

Listening to local radio
Want to listen in to local radio stations? From me@n. See
this also.

Stitching mp3 files
Trying to stitch or join two mp3 files? You will need Quick Time Pro but the rest just requires a donation.

SMTP & POP settings
Just setting up your mac? Helpingg someone else do it? All the settings I could think of for a Singapore mac user listed here.

Dialup settings
Been on wireless too long? Here are modem settings you'd best keep in a location setting for that emergency.

From 8.6 to X
Making the change was surprisingly painless under very tough conditions. Otterman, 6th March 2002. See also Jamees Gallagher's 2-week old switcher's experience,
Apr 2003.

Coping with Windows Media Audio
Divx Doctor II solves the problem of avi files coded with WMA sound. Otterman, 18th October, 2002.

Goin' Wireless
No more wires in a jiffy, and iBook roams at home and in Singapore.
Otterman, 29th August 2002.

Not so blue
With internet help, my iBook surfs almost anywhere, via bluetoooth to my Nokia 6310. Otterman, 20th August 2002.

Hanx on Broadband
Sorting out your thoughts on cable, ISDN etc. Hanx, 12th July 2002.

May broadband set you free!
Still plodding on 56k? You gotta be kiddin! Laurence Gwee, 5th June 2002.

Low cost printer
A cheap and rapid solution led to HP1200 and the Deskjet 5550c. Aldrin & gang on the me@n list, 14-15 August 2002.


To update
Shareware that I use, August 2000.