Viruses, Hoaxes and Urban Legends
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Legends & Hoaxes

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The Urban Legends Top 25

Other sources
- Formerly Barbara and David Mikkelson's Urban Legends Reference Pages,
and before that The San Fernando Valley Folklore Society's ULRP.

US Dept of Energy's CIAC Hoaxbusters

Break the

Hoaxbusters - The BIG LIST of Internet Hoaxes

The Urban Legend Combat Kit at

Computer Virus warnings - are they hoaxes? Check first!
Symantec - Sophos - McAfee - Stiller Research - F-Secure - Information on Hoaxes
Computer Virus Hoaxes -
Hoax Excyclopedia

Latest Security Threats & Fixes
You should have an antivirus software programme installed in your computer.
If you haven't done this yet, there are one-off fixes available for serious threats:
Symantec - Sophos - McAfee - Stiller - CNET

To receive email notification - Symantec - Sophos - McAfee (video) - CNET

Help a friend!
If you do receive a virus from a friend,
provide them with a link to the quick fix, if it exists. E.g. Happy 99 (Mar 1999) - Chernobyl (Apr 1999)

My suggestion - Get a Macintosh.