Literature Resources of the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research
For use by local and international students and researchers.

Consolidation, rearrangement, compilations and cataloging by Julaiha Binte A. Kassim (Singapore Polytechnic), Chai Nim Chet (Undergraduate attachment), Ilamurugan s/o Jayabal (Singapore Polytechnic) & Deng Suzi (Toddycats), May &endash; June 2002.

Reference Centre

Library of popular and technical books on Southeast Asian ecology, zoology and botany. These books will be supplemented by relevant Southteast Asian journals such as Malaysian Nature Journal (Malaysia), Raffles Bulletin of Zoology (Singapore), Treubia (Indonesia).

This library is the principal resource for layman and students who work on their own or with RMBR on projects such as guidebooks, webpages, course outlines and plans and verification of content for various projects. The output reaches a local and international audience.

Journal & Reprint Library

The provisional arrangement for the library is English/Chinese, alphabetical.  After this transfer is complete, Collections Manager HK Lua will take over administrating the library.

Zoological collection of the Raffles Library (a.k.a. Raffles Library Collection)

Books have been borrowed out over the years by various researchers in Dept. Zoology and Dept. Biological Sciences from the Raffles Library Collection (Zoology) which resides in the Science Libray (Closed Stacks). The collection is uncatalogued and the books remain distributed over several locations with no formal tracking system.

Specialist libraries  

These remain with individual staff. E.g. Otters, Mangroves (Sivasothi), Crabs (Peter Ng), Water Insects (CM Yang).

Webpage - books and reprints online

Books - A reference list of my books (for the popular library) has been compiled by Singapore Polytechnic attachment students and undergraduate volunteers and a preliminary version (prior to verification and categorisation) is available on the web. This list will be standardised and supplemented with the Southeast Asian journals.

Reprints - Greasi will pass me the existing database of the reprint collection (dBase format). This will be converted and put up on the web. If funding is approved, we will hire students to catalogue and key in the remaining uncatalogued papers, which Greasi informs me is relatively low in volume.